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Friday 17 January 2014

Master class

A quick post to say the UK Malifaux masters is this weekend. For those who don't know the masters is a an invitational event for the top ranked players in the country.

Despite this it's usually one of the most relaxed events of the year. Everyone present has already proven themselves to the extent necessary to get and there and they tend to just want to enjoy the company of other like minded people.  That's not to say the event is without competition, there are no easy games at masters. You'll tend to find the VPD in these games are much closer than at the average event.

I can't tell you who will win the day, the event is normally too close to call. Personally I tend to treat going to the masters as a prize rather than a competition and am more relaxed about how I do at this event than most of the others. I normally bomb out in the semifinals and I'll be thrilled if I do the same again this year.

I'll be tweeting from the weekend and if I've set my blog up properly tweets with the tag #MXmasters should be embedded at the end of this post.

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