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Tuesday 8 September 2015

Corner Case: Gunsmiths and Acolytes

I'm looking at shelving some of the models I have in my case as I think I'm carrying a little too much dead weight at the moment. With many crew selection options available to us I've always held that it's better to play fewer models you're more familiar with than to hire marginally better choices you don't know how to use.

So I'll be penning a few short articles like this to look quickly at a couple of models, summarise my thoughts on them, and ultimately decide if they'll be staying in my case or not.

December Acolyte
The Acolyte is a 7ss ranged hitting minion. It's harpoon gun has a respectable damage track which also automatically both hands out Slow and forces the opponent to discard a card. Your opponent doesn't want to get harpooned too often.

This would probably be enough to guarantee it a spot in a lot of crews, but there's more! It has From the Shadows, making it's deployment more flexible, and it has a (1) action (no flips required) to put up an aura which strips Armour and Hard to Wound.  This pushes it up to the point where it's right to the top of the power curve.


The Gunsmith is also a 7ss hitting minion, with both ranged and melee capabilities. It has a plethora of interesting traits; it can ignore most common defensive abilities and gain Fast.

All of its abilities require suits or other conditions to enable them, making it resource intensive to utilize for more than just it's base damage flip. This brings it's damage track sharply into focus, and at 2/3/4 makes it look very lacklustre. For a damage dealer it doesn't actually do much damage on average.


Malifaux is primarily a game of resource management, so always evaluate what models asks for in terms of resources to work effectively. The above are expensive minions, and given this I'd expect them to do work in my crews without significant additional investment.

You can invest resources in buffing any model to the point it'll do something, but it's normally much better to just hire a model that works effectively out of the gate. There are also plenty of good 7ss choices I haven't talked about here; trapper, Johan, and The Firestarter.

With that in mind the resource hungry Gunsmith is out, the self sufficient Acolyte stays in.

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