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Friday 9 October 2015

Snow in September II

Just a very quick odds and ends post to close out my Snow in September challenge, which is probably as well, given it's now over a week into October.

I've had a lot of fun painting up the crew, choosing to paint a Snow Storm rather than an Ice Golem at this stage. I also chose to use the M1.5 Wendigo over the M2e version, just because I like the little fellow;

My new Cult of December crew

A few weekends back, painted crew in hand, I made a run up to the North East for four rounds of ‘Faux in Middlesbrough.

I had a great time playing them on the day, they're quite different to the crews I normally use.  Had I not previously committed myself to using Rasputina in three of the four rounds I’m fairly confident I could have made the podium, as it is I finished seventh of twenty-four on two wins and two draws.

I’ve still a lot to learn about the Cult of December. I made a couple of key errors without which I could have won at least one if not both of my two draws. I definitely need more table time with them. That said I did complete my challenge, winning my third round game with the cult.

My cult crew also won me a VASSAL game which was uploaded to YouTube by my opponent, you can watch it here. (It's not in English but you can enable subtitles.)

Overall I'm starting to feel more competent at the table again, my instincts are coming back and my scheme selection has been much more on point recently.  I'll be getting some more practice in this weekend as I drive the team South to Norfolk tonight for the Malifolk event tomorrow.

Wish me luck,  I'll need it. :)

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Cameron said...

Hey, I've added you to the blogroll on my miniature blog, RustAndTheCity.Blogspot.com. I've been painting some Malifaux stuff lately. I'd love to get your input. I enjoy reading your tactics threads and posts. :-)