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Friday 1 January 2016

Happy new year

This is going to be obligatory end of year post.

Having taken a break from competitive Malifaux for around six months in the middle of the year, and with family commitments keeping me from playing in the nationals, I was pleased to hang on to my results and qualify for Masters on my own merits. My enthusiasm for the competitive game is back with a vengeance now though and I'm already scheming my approach to the 2016 season.  

The game is growing in the UK, which is good. While we're suffering the growing pains of any expanding game I'm please to see how well the community as a whole is handling it.  We've a lot to be proud of, but the price of safety is vigilance, and we need to be swift to handle any issues that do arise over the coming year.

My new year's resolution is to replace all the existing Malifaux metals in my case with their new plastic M2e versions by the end of the year (assuming the model's available in plastic). In addition to this, as ever, I'm looking to qualify for the 2016 UK Masters. This will probably mean finishing the year in the top 15 ranked players, a task I've achieved every year so far, but one made more difficult each year by our expanding scene and the rising quality of play.  That's a nice problem to have though.

I've not had the time I've wanted to blog this year.  So I'm going to have a bit of a rethink about what I use this space for.  I'm probably going to aim to just blog when I feel I've real content to add, not just for the sake of updating regularly. My regular hobby and general thoughts can be found on my twitter feed, if you seriously want to cyber-stalk me.

That said I do have couple of posts in mind, so watch this space. I think that's it from me for now though. So it just remains for me to wish you all happy new year, and I'll see you breach-side.

- mythicFOX


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed your "20 models" article from some years ago. Would you please do another such exercise, ie, if you had to bring just 20 models to a tournament, which 20 would you choose and why?

Keep on living the dream man!

mythicFOX said...

Thanks. I'm going to have something similar posted in the next few days about a fixed master pool event I'm attending soon.

The twenty Arcanists thing is something I may do again as well. I'll have a think about it.

Glad you liked the post. :)

Unknown said...

As a newer player (around 10 games or so), I really appreciate the perspective. What I was even more excited about than the list was the forthcoming explanation of each choice, although if I'm not mistaken only a few of them were explained.

I read the moleman entry. The most useful part of reading it was getting insight into what the model functionally does. Yes, I know (or at least have read) the rules for moleman - and by listening to various podcasts and perusing pullmyfinger, you can learn about many models. But it still doesn't give context.

For a player like me, it's so helpful to have a list of models for an event and to say, this is the number and kind of models I expect to need for any given situation I encounter. It gives me a way to gauge how much of what thing I'm likely to need in different scenarios.

Keep on bloggin!