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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Looking Forward

With the new edition due to his shelves properly by the end of the month and books reportedly already sighted for sale in the UK* now seemed like a good time for a quick hobby and event update. 

This Sunday (29/9) will see the first full M2e tournament held in the UK, specifically at the North West Gaming Center where Element Games have their new store, which I'm looking forward to seeing even if it's going to be disastrous for my wallet. 

Kang, fear his whomping shovel!
As this will be a small event it should serve as a good warm up for the community ahead of the four main events which are lined up between now and the end of the year;
Malifolk 13/10
Halifaux 20/10
Scottish GT 16/11
Fistful 'O Fate 01/12

Each of these events looks to be heading for the twenty or thirty player mark, which is a great sign for how the new edition is landing in the UK.  It's really positive to see so many events going ahead and with big things in plan for next year the event calendar is already looking like it'll be full all the way upto GenCon 2014. 

Personally I like to have goals in my hobby, and as I'll be attending all the above events I'm going to target a win or two podiums between now and the end of the year, which I feel is a realistic target given the number of events and the unknown meta. 

The UK and the wider world are also gearing up for the start of the M2e VASSAL leagues in just under a week. With six leagues of ten players each this is going to be massive and should give some interesting early insight as to where the power is in the first wave. If you haven't played online Malifaux yet you need this in your life, it's a great way to meet new opponents and get extra practice in.

On the personal hobby front I've now got Kang completed (above), which means eighteen of my twenty Arcanists are in a painted condition, with only the Emberling and a Rail Worker still unpainted.  That said three of these were 'painted' when I started playing back in 2010 so they have a sonic cleaner full of Fairy Power Spray and a repaint in the their future. I'm aiming to have them all done some time before Halifaux.

TLDR there's going to be a lot of hobby for everyone between now and year end.

Welcome to Malifaux people, it's going to be one hell of a ride!

*Although some of this is rumoured to be the UK distributor (yet again) selling direct to the public before goods are out in retail stores. 

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