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Thursday 13 February 2014

#ToMB Month 0 - Disco Inferno

Like an increasing number of other members of the community I'm taking part in the Tale of Malifaux Bloggers (ToMB). Essentially this involves picking up a new crew and expanding it month by month.

We start by choosing $60 worth of models at Wyrd's store prices and adding $25 a month to it, blogging our thoughts along the way. I'm a fan of this sort of exercise, it makes you prioritise and breaks your hobby down into meaningful chunks. I've also looking for a way to move on from my Twenty Arcanists project last year.

You can read more about ToMB here, and in the thread on the Wyrd boards;


After the Masters event I'm also very aware of some of the limitations I currently have with what's in my case. I'm weak in kill-based objectives.  I'm also struggling a bit with getting interact AP into my opponents half of the board early, although this is a secondary consideration.

I also need to consider the Mali-bros Tyrants of Painting (MXTOP) competition, which this month is focusing on models with ranged attacks. This leads me to playing Kaeris, which is handy because I have a spare Kaeris box laying about in my study anyway. I've not spent any time with the M&SU's flaming angel during beta but giving the new cards a once over I'm really keen to try her out.

Her general use of M&SU models will combo well with the good doctor and provide some good synergies.

The Kaeris set includes two Gunsmiths and three Fire Gamin, totalling 26ss of models, and will eat $40 of the $60 available. This crew is fairly aggressive and would benefit from access to a dedicated objective grabber. So I'll add a Soulstone Miner to my shopping list for month one, which will help out with the AP in my opponent's half issue.  This gives me $5 to carry over for next month.

I'm going to be interested to see how this shapes up, especially as there are some challenging parts to be painted in this crew. More next week when I've actually done something, I hope.


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